WSDOT Incident Avoidance
Using transit to navigate around major incidents
Traffic in Seattle stinks—
Like literally. Remember when a semitruck carrying a load of salmon overturned and blocked a major highway? It took seven hours to clean up and caused massive grid lock in downtown during rush hour. Yikes. Every year, there's always a big incident like that causing panic and confusion amongst residents of Seattle.

In collaboration with WSDOT, SDOT, King County Metro, and Mobility Innovation Center, we built a web app to help communicate timely congestion information and assist commuters in using transit — instead of single occupancy vehicles — to navigate around congestion. For six months, I conducted interviews, analyzed surveys, designed, and developed a tool to help alleviate traffic in Seattle.
Design, Development, Research
Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Developer
January 2019 ~ June 2019
A variety of smart recommendation on how to get home while avoiding traffic and road closures
Multimodal transportation made easy with step-by-step navigation
We displayed nearby parking garages and transit routes to minimize cars on the road
A fully interactive, real-time map enabled commuters to view road closures and how the incident affected their route.
Road closures and live updates at a glance