What I do

Hello, I'm Yuki and I study Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Currently, I'm a Product Design Intern on the Facebook Video team designing experiences to help bring creators & fans closer together. I'm also a designer at Dubhacks - PNW's biggest hackathon. Once upon a time, I designed new features for the Spotify for Artists platform to help artists grow, worked on a prototyping tool called Prott during my time at Goodpatch, and designed at the Associated Students of the UW to work on over 100 event posters.

A bit about me

I was born in Tokyo, grew up in SoCal, and moved up to Seattle for college. In my free time, I enjoy jumping into a jacuzzi with bubbles on a chilly night, collecting clothing tags from various shops, and treating myself with a good ol' cookies and cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A.  


Designing at Spotify

My experience as a Product Design Intern at Spotify.


Festival + ARKit

Designing a music festival app with AR.


Prott's Settings Page

Building a better home for managing your account.

Prott v2-min.png


Restaurant menus catered towards your diet.


Search for UberEATS

Find your favorite restaurant faster than ever before.

UberEATS v2-min.png

Capture Joy

A new way to capture moments in your wedding.

Capture Joy v2 -min.png