Transit Navigator
A more comfortable transit navigation experience
I love transit—
It's a cheap, fast, and fun way to navigate around town. But riding in a new city - or even an unfamiliar route in your own city - gets me nervous. I find myself checking and rechecking my phone to make sure I haven't missed my stop. I never have a problem navigating with a car but somehow it's remarkably harder with transit. Why is this?

Along with a friend, we sought out to build a better transit navigation experience. Our hypothesis was that by focusing on real-time location and step-by-step guidance, riding transit can be as easy as hailing a Lyft. We used Framer X to build the prototype, Cinema 4D to model the bus, and Mapbox as our mapping provider.
Design, Development, 3D modeling
December 2019 ~ January 2020
A short highlight reel I made. Watch this video with music
Fully interactive map with real-time bus location using Uber's Deck GL
Expanding the bottom sheet reveals details about the route
Guiding users to get off at the right stop
Using Cinema 4D, I had a ton of fun building this low poly bus. The challenge was to capture the characteristics of a traditional bus while simplifying its elements to something recognizable from a distance.