Facebook Top Fans
Bringing fans and creators closer together
Everyone is a fan of something or someone —
Whether that be an athlete or a Netflix show, we all have this burning desire to be closer with the things we love. But with social media, fans' voices get diluted amongst hundreds of thousands of users.

At Facebook, we sought out to solve this problem with Top Fans. This feature gave the most devoted fans on Facebook recognition for their involvement and a space to build community. For three months, I collaborated with various stakeholders to ideate, design, and prototype how Top Fans can thrive on Facebook.
Product Design Intern
Research, Content Strategy, Illustration, Engineering
June 2019 ~ September 2019
The most engaged fans on a Facebook Page receive a Top Fan badge
My biggest task was to design the Bottom Sheet panel and Top Fan page. I focused on using concise copywriting to communicate the value of a Top Fan Badge and utilized illustrations to add a celebratory feel to the page.
Displaying a feed of recent activities enabled fans to have lightweight interactions with Top Fans
Displaying a fan's mutual friends and Page likes made starting conversations with them easier
Using Origami, I prototyped the end-to-end flow of interacting with Top Fans